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Ceramic Crowns

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There is a vast array of materials available for dental crowns. In situations where esthetics are of the utmost importance, we can leverage cutting-edge ceramic advancements to create all-ceramic crowns. These crowns offer an impressively realistic appearance, with coloration and light-reflecting characteristics that closely emulate natural teeth. Furthermore, due to their all-ceramic composition, they are free from any metallic elements, eliminating the appearance of unsightly “black lines” around the crown’s periphery.


All-porcelain (ceramic) crowns are as strong or stronger than traditional PFM restorations – so there is no compromise with esthetics and strength. In fact, we often recommend mouthguards for patients who have multiple ceramic crowns because of the possibility of wear.


One of the disadvantages of PFM crowns is that they are built upon a layer of metal and don’t reflect light very well; therefore, they are not the ideal solution for crowns in highly esthetic areas such as the front of the mouth. Because there is no metal foundation in a ceramic crown, the color matching of ceramic crowns to your existing teeth is much better than in traditional PFM crowns.